National Anthem March

The British national anthem is a lovely old, traditional tune with old lyrics, some of them representing concepts and attitudes relating to a previous age. The tune is a slow waltz and is often criticized as lacking the drive and spirit of other national anthems. One of the reasons for this is its time signature: three in a bar. It is a simple matter to change it to four in a bar, making it a march.  The score below is intended to demonstrate this. It is arranged for a brass band. You can hear a demo of this HERE.

There are also some suggested alternative lyrics, which refer to key values rather than institutions or divisive concepts.

National Anthem 2024

Our people all shall be
Free from the tyranny
Of guile and class
Led by the ones we choose
Land free for all to use
Truth we shall never lose
Peace come to pass!

Those who have lived in fear
We shall make welcome here
To play their part
Each with concern for all
Fair to the great and small
Keeping a caring call
Deep in our heart

Lamming 2023

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
John Lennon
(9.10.1940 - 8.12.1980)