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Songs for Characters!

Pantomime Songs Limited created some great songs for pantos, as well as many commissioned scores for clients round the world. Some of the best in the catalogue are here for you to enjoy. In each case, you can listen to the vocal demo.

If you would like to use any of these songs in your show we can send you the sheet music, backing track (for performance) and vocal demo (for practice). We can also modify backing tracks, music and lyrics to suit. Just get in touch with us HERE

If you'd like to use any of the songs...

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Mad, Bad and Beautiful (Snow White)

A song for a very angry wicked queen to punish her mirror when it tells her that she is no longer the fairest in the land! An upbeat song allowing the queen to go completely nuts! Cool sax solo. Listen HERE

Abanazar's Song (Aladdin)

Aladdin's wicked uncle explains how he goes about his business - and has a little business with a snake charmer! Spooky song with a reggae beat and lots of opportunity for the wicked uncle to threaten the kids in the audience - and enjoy their boos. Listen HERE

Jack the Lad (Jack and the Beanstalk)

Jack (the one with a Beanstalk) tells us about how cool he is and how he is good at just about everything… an upbeat Elvis-type song with a rap in the middle.
Listen HERE

Buttons' bouncy, comical song, encouraging Cinderella to go out and have fun and explaining how society works. Upbeat with a brief interlude for conversation or dance. Listen HERE

Pirates Chorus (Any show with pirates!)

Panto Pirates tell us just how much they like to cause havoc! They really are a nasty bunch of professionals!  Listen HERE

Demon Nasty (Any show)

A generally nasty character for any pantomime! Big beat song with opportunities to show just how mean he/she is. Listen HERE

Leader of Men (Peter Pan)

Captain Hook tells us he will deal with Peter Pan, despite his useless crew and that horrible crocodile. He also explains how wonderful he is at being a leader of men. A stomp, with trumpets. Listen HERE 

A spicy, palm court tango for the Dame, sung to a hapless bloke. Plenty of suitable (tango violin) musical interludes provided for lines, business or ad lib, and a dance in the middle. (Can be provided without the interludes.) Listen HERE

Snoopin' Around (Aladdin)

A song for Ping and Pong (Aladdin), or any two police officers, telling us how good they are at catching villains.

Upbeat rock song. Listen HERE

A New Cinderella (Cinderella)

Cinderella tells us of her dreams. A beautiful, wistful song, full of hope. Performed here by Charlie Paige Jones. Watch HERE

The princess explains how beautiful her country is. She sleeps and the music provides a dream sequence for her (possibly for a brief ballet). She wakes to a lovely dawn. Another very beautiful song with a haunting flute solo and dramatic music. Listen HERE