The Order of Love - the Music!

Here are some of the songs and incidental music from the show. The video presentations are from the premiere/road test of the show by the Bishopsteighton Players in October 2019. Full musical score and performance backing tracks are available.

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They Call Me "The Catcher"

Benni explains to Timo that she is a very special character. He remains unimpressed. Sung by Mabel Smith VIDEO

Help Me, I'm Lost!

Timo arrive in a state of high distress. He is hearing voices and shocked by the storm that is raging in the atmosphere. The Shards arrive and beat him up but he is saved by the Ladies. LYRICS VIDEO

A Man Like You

Malacoda (supported by The Ladies) tells Timo that he could help her and she would be very grateful. Sung by Becks Jones  VIDEO

The Dark Side of the Sun 

Mono, Head of Security at The Sphere, tells us that he looks after things in his own way but also enjoys a little apr├ęs  ski. Sung by Steve Allen VIDEO

Escape to Love

Benni and Sorrel give each other advice and discover they have a lot in common. Sung by Mabel Smith and Becky Gallagher VIDEO 

Timo's Blues/ Ladies' Commentary

Timo is losing his patience with the universe but has some success with his magic glove and the Shards. The Ladies explain that Sorrel and Benni, meanwhile, have been walking and talking. Sung by Tom Churchward, Jess Gibby, Sue Maw and Leigh Lamming VIDEO

Ladies' Reprise

The Ladies start the second half by bringing us up to date on what has happened so far. Performed by Leigh Lamming, Sue Maw and Jess Gibby. VIDEO


Mono discovers Sorrel asleep in her bedroom and can't resist expressing his delight. Performed by Steve Allen and Becky Gallagher VIDEO

The Fire of Hell

Malacoda explains to Sorrel why she despises Syrah and what it is that Sorrel must do to avenge her. Sung by Becks Jones VIDEO

Never Be Happy Again

Sorrel is mortified that Timo will not face her. She realises that this is end of all happiness in her life. Sung by Becky Gallagher VIDEO

If You Love Her, Let Her Go

Syrah tells Timo that Sorrel cannot be his unless he is prepared to give her up and undergo the trials he faces. Sung by Roger Gallagher. VIDEO


The Elders of The Order are perplexed by the observation that the heartbeat of the universe has become irregular. They give Postle a hard time in complaining about it. He assures them that Sorrel is the key and that she will return to them to sort it out. LYRICS VIDEO

Something's Missing

Benni has blown it with Jocande and philosophises about her life. Sung by Mabel Smith VIDEO

Ladies' Commentary 5

It is getting near the end, so the Ladies bring us up to date. Performed by Leigh Lamming, Sue Maw and Jess Gibby VIDEO

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