The Oder of Love: the Songs

                                                                    ACT ONE

1. Intro

2. What Chance has Love?

Malacoda, Syrah, The Ladies
3. Help Me, I’m Lost Timo (and the Shards)
4. Ladies’ Commentary 1 The Ladies
5. They Call Me “The Catcher” Benny and Timo
6. Burns in Me Like a Flame Timo and The Ladies
7. A Man Like You Malacoda and The Ladies
8. The Whims The Whims
9. Instrumental

10. Ladies’ Commentary 2 The Ladies
11. The Dark Side of the Sun Mono and The Graters
12. Escape to Love Benni and Sorrel
13. Entropy Postle and The Ladies
14. Timo’s Blues Timo and the Ladies
15. Ladies’ Commentary 3 The Ladies
16. Arrhythmia The Elders
17. Hold On! Everyone

                                                          ACT TWO
18. Ladies Reprise The Ladies
19. Elders’ Argument The Elders
20. You Know You Really Want To The Ladies
21. Flesh! Mono
22. The Fire of Hell Malacoda
23. Love Will Conquer All Syrah and Sorrel
24. How Do You Do? Benni and Jocande
25. Ladies’ Commentary 4 The Ladies
26. Never Be Happy Again Sorrel
27. Ladies’ Commentary 5 The Ladies
28. If You Love Her, Let Her Go Syrah and the Ladies
29. Something’s Missing Benni
30. Longed-For Love Sorrel & Timo 
31. Finale Love Conquers All Everyone  
32. Play-out Everyone  

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